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  1. K-Series Transmission
    As you can see in the picture I broke my bellhousing on my k20z1 trans in my k swap EK. (Broken on the rear t bracket, top bolt location on the transmission) I think I broke it at the last autocross I went to. Has anyone else seen anything like this? Chalk it up to bad luck/casting or is this...
  2. Suspension, Handling, Body, and Appearance Corner
    ive been doing a lot of lurking and absorbing a lot of useful information but one thing i cant seem to find is max trying to figure out how wide of a wheel/tire combo i can stuff under my of right now i have 225/35R17 on it all the way around with no issues except for the...
  3. Suspension, Handling, Body, and Appearance Corner
    This is by far one of the best explanations of FWD suspension physics, charicturistics and overall theory I have ever read. I thought others might enjoy it. If you want to read more from the same site, go to the Far North Racing website. There is an abundence of worth while reading there...
1-3 of 4 Results