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  1. 2001+ Civic EP3 / RSX DC5 / EM2
    So i have swapped everything over into the car (engine, trans, subframe, etc...) and done all of the wiring from following fourms. But the only thing i am needing to do now is to wire in the clutch interlock switch and the cruise control switch on the clutch pedal. I dont need cruise control...
  2. K-Series Transmission
    Hi everyone I’m new to this page and I would like to go from auto to standard because I bought a parts car a year ago and got the dash wiring, Engine wiring, ecu, the shifter linkages, manual brake and clutch Pedal, manual half shaft, tranny also auto to manual conversion bracket, now my...
  3. Wiring and Electronics
    Hey guys, I need some help with wiring up my manual conversion for my K-swap. I have read that i need to jump some wires from my automatic shifter plug and plug it into the harness. I saw a few pictures and am still not sure about it, some of the wires are different colors and I couldn't...
  4. 2001+ Civic EP3 / RSX DC5 / EM2
    I know there may be some people who are looking for this and was never able to get an answer as most people just throw away their Cruise control. But I found a DIY here DIY for Wiring Cruise Control after swap
1-4 of 4 Results