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  1. DC5 Type-R Aluminum Front Lower Control Arms

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  2. K-Tuned "Function Form" Shift Knob

    New Product and Industry Announcements
    K-Tuned "Function Form" Shift Knob MSRP: $79.99 Applications: All Honda / Acura models and any shifter with a M10 x 1.5 thread The K-Tuned Billet Shift Knob is the result of quite a bit of customer and racer feedback. We already offer several K-Series shifter upgrades so it was definitely...
  3. Oil Pan Question Someone Please Help!

    Acura RSX / TSX / Honda Civic EP3 / 2006 Civic Si
    I recently purchased an 2005 Rsx Type-S The Aluminum oil pan has a crack in it, I know these crack quiet often Can you run a K24a1 CRV steel oil pan? If so will it just bolt right up? Or do I need other parts? Please someone help me out, I have tried searching threads and have found nothing on...
  4. Repairing a cracked k20 girdle

    NEW - Welding and Fabrication Forum
    Wow, a CRACKED girdle. [email protected] has a little mishap with his oil pan against a pothole and the pothole won. I was up for a challenge to repair it for him. This block/girdle combo was painted and the paint ALWAYS wins if you try to weld it. New to clean the paint off before welding...
  5. 4" Cold Air Intake

    Forced Induction and Nitrous K series discussion
    Wish Nikos would make a Welding/Fabrication Forum already so I could post up in there, but this will have to work for now. Here is something that I am working on... Will be going to my Exospeed front end that is being redone with a fiberglass air dam in the front, but here is the beginning of...
  6. 4" turbo exhaust

    NEW - Welding and Fabrication Forum
    Worked on the 4" exhaust today. everything was done in my garage with the car on jackstands! Came out perfect. Got it completely tacked together and just need to weld it out. Here is a sound clip for everyone. First time to pull the car out of my garage in over 2 years...