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  1. My 8thGen Si 4DR

    Civic Builds
    Currently I have a 2011 Civic Si FA5. I got it 2 years ago with 34,9xx miles and currently I'm at 93,400 and counting! The car is a daily driver, I beat the balls off of it every day and honestly can say it amazes me how it is still untouched internally. Only major problem I had was at 83,xxx...
  2. K-series Parts for Sale

    Parts for sale
    *for sale is the hybirdracing kswap 3inch silicone intake ( in decent condition) asking $90 shipped-----SOLD * Competition Clutch ultra Lightweight flywheel (only used for 4500 miles) asking $150 ------------SOLD *ktuned billet TPS sensor ( in good working condition) asking $43 shipped SOLD...
  3. ***post up your kswap custom intake set up***

    1992+ Civic EG / DC2 / EK K-Series Swap
    lets see your set up
  4. Kpro Speed Limiter??

    ECU and Tuning
    Hi guys, so the other night i was doing some pulls, and the rev limit hit @ 6k rpm in 6th gear?? i was going probably around 145-155 mph, (my speedometer on the cluster is like 10mph off?) and it just hit the limiter at 6000 rpm, now i don't know if there's something like a speed limiter on...
  5. ****k24 parts for sale****

    Parts for sale
    for sale:K-series Ignition coils i have 4 ignition coil packs from a k24a1 in working condition for sale, asking $65 shipped, my paypal is [email protected]
  6. Wtb: 70mm tb for rbc

    Parts Wanted
    Hey guys, i'm looking for a 70mm throttle body for the rbc mani, looking for one in decent shape with a good price. if you got something please inbox me. thanks
  7. Dyno number opinions suggestions welcome

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    Whats up k20a Its been a long road but i managed to make enough time to get some work done to my crx. I recently had it tuned on a dynojet here in ABQ, and i would like to get some feedback by you all... (im unsure if elevation can affect dyno numbers but i am at 5000ft+) My mods are: K20a2...
  8. Insane Shaft k swap axles

    1992+ Civic EG / DC2 / EK K-Series Swap
    about 6 months ago i bought a set of Insaneshaft kswap axles, they were doing good until two nights ago one of them snapped in half. the vehicle im using it on is a kswapped integra all motor thats making less than 300whp. when i bought the axles from autofair honda it said on the details that...
  9. Wtb: Ported rbc, 70mm tb

    Parts Wanted
    Looking for the stuff above, send pics if possible, thanks
  10. WTB: 94-01 DC Integra rear subframe brace

    Parts Wanted
    like the title says, send me pics too and a price shipped, my cell 412-478-4417 thanks
  11. 2000 integra kswap no tach(rpm) on gauge cluster

    1992+ Civic EG / DC2 / EK K-Series Swap
    having problems with the rpm gauge on the gauge cluster, using the hybirdracing 3.5 conversion harness, somewhere in the instructions it says to "remove pin 7 and connect it to pin 14?" don't know which connector it's saying to remove the pin from? is it the factory side harness connector or the...
  12. Nyce1s - Fast Guy Race Ready 2K13 - All Motor Outlaw Honda Civic Build Pt. 1!!

    Drag Racing
    Here we have a video feature called Race Ready 2K13 with Fast Guy of Brooklyn, NY as he prepares for the 2013 All Motor Outlaw class. Here he shows us his 2013 All Motor build. We will follow the progress of this car right up to the test session @ the track. Stay tuned for more updates on Fast...
  13. Nyce1s Video - Humble Performance 9 Second All Motor Street Honda Civic!!!

    Drag Racing
    Congratulations to the Humble Performance crew and driver Alex Pagan for breaking into the 9 second zone in his all motor street Honda Civic. This video follows the progression of the vehicle from the Sport Compact Fall Nationals event @ E-Town in 2011. Then switches to the most recent passes of...
  14. BYP Racing All Motor Drag Car - [email protected] *Australia* Quest for 10 second passes

    Drag Racing
    BYP Racing All Motor Drag Car - [email protected] *Australia* Page 2 Update - New PB [email protected] Drag Racing has been slow in Australia for the Honda scene for the past couple of years so we thought we help revive it in the community with the completion of our new drag car in 2012 Its a simple...
  15. (AUS) BYP EG [email protected] + Time Attack warrior*All OEM motor

    Drag Racing
    Thought i share what we have been doing here in Australia Sydney We had a chance to take one of the Time Attack EG Civic to the Street meeting on the Wednesday night at the local drag strip The car is an All Motor K20/K24 set-up built with all OEM internals. The motor and car has seen over 400...
  16. ITB Design

    NEW - Welding and Fabrication Forum
    I'm currently in the process of designing a set of Independent throttle bodies to have machined. Before I actually finalize the design though, I just want to check up on a couple points. First off: Does the angle of the throttle bodies actually matter for performance? Will ITB's angled downward...
  17. Press Release: O.G.S. Announces the 2012 K-Tuned All Motor Street Points Series!!

    Drag Racing
    For Immediate Release: Ortega Global Solutions Announces the 2012 K-Tuned All Motor Street Points Series!! New York, NY (FPRC) March 19th, 2012 8:00 A.M. Ortega Global Solutions (OGS) is happy to announce the return of the K-Tuned All Motor Street points series for the 2012 season. This is...
  18. Press Release: O.G.S. Announces 2012 Xenocron 11.50 Index Racing Points Series...

    Drag Racing
    For Immediate Release: O.G.S. Announces 2012 Xenocron 11.50 Index Racing Points Series... New York, NY (FPRC) March 19th, 2012 8:00 A.M. Ortega Global Solutions (OGS) is happy to announce the return of the Xenocron 11.50 Index Racing Class points series for the 2012 season. This is just...
  19. - Yosolo & Certified Racing Season Recap 2010....

    Drag Racing
    Here is an official Nyce1s Interview with Eric Medina of Yosolo Racing and Albert Toro of Certifed Racing! They speak on topics related to the All Motor class along with the fact that they are looking forward to the 2011 season... Click below to watch the video...
  20. 1998 civic cx k24/20

    Cars for Sale
    posting this car up for sale or trade once more...tryin to stay out of trouble lol $13,000 obo i really want a ebp 99-00 civic si, or just give me a fair trade this was originally stage2auto's k24/k20 ek AKA Bumble bee :) motor was left untouch its the same as stated from the last owner i got...