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  1. K20/K24 N/A Daily Driver Build

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    Hey guys, I’ve had my 06 Type S for about 3 years and its finally time for me to do my frank build. =D I’ve gotten most of my stuff, just waiting on a couple things here and there. Here’s my parts list K20Z1 OEM Overhauled valvetrain 07 K24A2 bottom end O9 TSX Pistons Manley H Beam Rods(Pending...
  2. JDM k24a build for 97 miata swap (250-280whp goal)

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    hi all, i've just ordered a JDM K24a from Hmotors. should be here within a couple weeks. I've also ordered all the pre-install motor prep parts from Kmiata. things like the custom oil pan and type s oil pump etc. David @kmiata recommended drag cartel 2.2s and or 3.2 cams. My goal is track...
  3. Competition Clutch ultra light weight flywheel/Clutch Masters FX300

    Parts for sale
    Competition Clutch ultra light weight flywheel For sale is a used COMP. CLUTCH ultra light weight flywheel(8lbs). Only 5k miles on the flywheel asking plus shipping and paypal fees if interested pm me my paypal is [email protected]
  4. Long term issues

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    I'm sure most of you on here have seen or heard about the skunk2 cams having a chain slap. It is said that an upgraded tensioner will combat this problem resulting in a smooth chain cycle. With this thought in mind, how well does the oem tensioner hold up against springs with a high seat...
  5. Frank Build !!

    Engine Building
    After owning an rsx-s and seeing the power in k series; I figure it was time to get rid of it and go for some more power. Decided to do a frank build and put it into a hatchback civic. After all the thinking and planning to build a motor for a daily driver racing street car, I finally ended up...