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  1. Turbo Mounts Fuel pressure regulator BNIB

    Parts for sale
    New Years K20 sale Happy holidays k20. what we have for sell today is turbo=sold Next i have a mint set of Hasport mounts for ek civic using ekk2. just mounts not brackets mounts=$150 BNIB Elderbrock 70mm throotle body with elderbrock spacer throttle body=sold New set of DSS honda civic ek k...
  2. F/S TWM 52mm ITB's, (2) PRB 02-04 ecus. Aeromotive FPR, CTR rear lip.

    Parts for sale
    A little spring cleaning. First up, 52MM TWM ITBS for a K20a2. Aluminum Horns, No injectors, No tps sensor plug. No IAT $1050, Shipping and paypal included. Second, (2) Two, 02-04 PRB ECU's. $260 each, Shipping and paypal included. Third, BNIB NEW Aeromotive 13109 with marshall liquid...