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  1. Introduction Forum
    My 2011 Honda Accord ( 38k mile) creaks while braking. It’s coming from the left front and right rear side of the car. It does not creak when I coast to a stop. The frequency of the noise changes with my speed. When I removed the wheel I couldn’t see where anything might be rubbing, and the...
  2. General K-series related talk
    I’m trying to get into modding my 2010 accord. People say it’s not worth it and I should just sell my car and get a different one. But I love my little four banger and was wording if anyone had any thoughts on what I should do to increase the horsepower.
  3. General K-series related talk
    Hi i have a 04 accord with a k24a swapped in and the clutch went out, and im not sure what clutch will fit. Whenever i google "k24a clutch kit" its always kits for k24a2 or k24a3 that pop up. Will any k24 clutch fit? Does anybody know which one i need to buy? thanks
  4. K-Series Transmission
    Whats up. So I'm doing a Kswap on a 85 Crx S.i. JDM K24A rbb3 with a transmission from a 03-07 accord (APG6) don't know the exact year. I know Hasport is making mounts the first gen crx but I'm trying to figure out is would I need different mounts for the transmission. Is their other mounts that...
  5. Wiring and Electronics
    It will be a k24 swapped del sol with Ktuner. Do i use 05-06 Accord ecu or 05 element ecu with a 03-06 element harness?
  6. ECU and Tuning
    Hello Members! I've swapped my (or in the middle of swapping) 2003 Honda Accord with a K24A (JDM). I am looking to use KTuner so I picked up an automatic transmission ECU from a 2005 Accord even though my car is manual since the automatic ECU with KTuner will work just fine with a manual...
  7. Honda Fit / Prelude / Accord K-series Swap
    Hello Members! In the middle of my swap, which consists of the JDM K24A into a 2003 Honda Accord (CM5). The current issue I am trying to work through is the power steering pump. I am going to keep my power steering. However, the power steering pump of the Accord is busted. The one on the JDM...
  8. Honda Fit / Prelude / Accord K-series Swap
    Hello Members, I'm working on my TSX swap and have a TSX transmission. This is going on a 2003 Honda Accord. For the shift wires, the Accord 5 speed MT has a pin hole for washers and a cotter pin. See below: However, the TSX 6 speed MT does NOT have a pin hole for the cotter pin. See below...
  9. Wiring and Electronics
    So I've got a question... I have a 1961 MG Midget Can be seen here and I just recently purchased an 03 Accord (auto) for a good price solely for the motor. My question is since the Midget has no electrical that's useful can I simply take the entire chassis side harness and utilize that? Maybe...
  10. General K-series related talk
    I have an engine k24a4 engine from my sisters automatic accord 07. Trying to fit it in my 97 ek hatch. I need a manual tranny. What ALL trannys are compatible? A guy offered me an ep3 one for $500 and another guy offered me a 6 sd tsx one for $600. Which one? And you guys have a full parts list...
  11. ECU and Tuning
    Hello hopefully I am posting this in the correct section if not I apologize I am extremely uneducated on how forums work or let alone how to even post a thread for that matter because it took me The better half of a day to find the "new thread" link So my issue.. I recently swapped...
  12. Cars for Sale
    Hey guys, If anyone is interested in a nice daily. My brother is selling his 2005 5 speed accord. Pics and info in the link. PM or call me directly. We can work on price a bit. Thanks in advance, Luke 1-800-959-0145 ext 104...
  13. Parts Wanted
    If you have a whole set of front knuckles (w/ or w/o brake calipers) that have good wheel bearings, I'd be open to those as well. Let me know what you've got! Cheers, Ramzi
  14. Pictures Gallery
    Hey guys, heres my euro CL7 transformer with K24 swap and more bla bla bla :D ] Upcoming mods are: Drag Cartel 3.2 Wiseco 12,5:1 Toda heavy chain K20 head Complete Civic EP3 tranny Enough spam :D Hope you enjoy
  15. Parts Wanted
    Hey there, I have a 2007 Accord (I4) and want to change out the intake manifold with one from a TSX. Anyone on here have one laying around they wanna sell? I guess it'd have to be from either a 2006 or a 2007. Part number if it helps: 17110-RBB-A00
  16. Parts for sale
    Not a lot to say, pics say more than any big ass discription... So, the pics... This thing is sexy... Price is: US$400 OBO SHIPPED... I have plenty of great vouchers here, so be my guess and ask around, I would be more than glad... I can ship wolrdwide, however the price of...
  17. Parts for sale
    I have some left over keys they are complete with new blank key, 2 button cover, and working fob that is compatible for our RSX. Price is $95 firm 40 for the accord key works for Rsx too
  18. Introduction Forum
    Hi, I'm pretty oldschool when it comes to Hondas and engines, with all my experience centred around the 89-91 Civic, the 92-25 Civic, and the DA9 Integra. Even though we have an Honda Accord Euro L(uxury) in the family, it is my wife's car and I'm not allowed to tinker with it as she uses it...
  19. Parts Wanted
    im looking for an 05 tsx intake manifold for k24(only the upper manifold, lower manifold with injectors is not needed) i believe an 04 would work too, as long as the throttle body is cable. I may be interested in the throttle body too if anyone has one. PM or email...
  20. K-Series Transmission
    I have a chewed up 2nd gear. It wont go into gear at all anymore. My question is, can i take all of the internals from an accord trans and put them in my rsx transmission case? Yea, i dont care if its gonna be 5 speed. I have a good accord trans that i can use for parts.
1-20 of 25 Results