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  1. My Hidden Shift Light In The A/C Vent *pics* + *vid*

    Wiring and Electronics
    Shift lights are great. They help you to concentrate on quick shifting rather than eyeing the tach. IMHO they look retarded attached to those rediculously large tachometers :rolleyes: and out of place being mounted on the dash. Especially on a daily driven car :( So i decided to conceal mine in...
  2. How To: Have A K Swap With A/C

    General K-series related talk
    Alright Guys, I had A/C for about a year now, also wired my boy's DC2, both working perfectly. I hope that all you can enjoy some freezing cold A/C by the time your done reading this. 1. How Much It Costs: Nothing to be scared about, to have a fully working and customized "tucked" A/C...
  3. Wanting a/c on my K motor

    2001+ Civic EP3 / RSX DC5 / EM2
    hey guys, i know ive seen this thread b4 but cnt seem to find it. i have a em2 with k20a2 and im looking to finally get p/s and a/c. i once saw a thread a member posted of all the parts needed to install a/c on the em2. with honda part #'s and all. does anyone know the part #s or can help me...
  4. A/C installed, but air isn't that cold.

    2001+ Civic EP3 / RSX DC5 / EM2
    Hey guys, so I had a shop install my A/C back in January, but it was cold weather anyway so I had no way of testing how cold the A/C got. Now with warmer temperatures here, when I turn on my A/C i barely feel cold air coming out of the vents. There's just coool air coming out. Using regular...
  5. WTB: 2001-2005 Civic A/C Condenser

    Parts Wanted
    Hey guys, just looking for the air conditioning condenser from a 2001-2005 civic. I need it shipped to 14303, or I am willing to meet you if you live reasonably close to me. Just let me know and we'll work out the details.