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  1. Engine Building
    I'm about to start a k24/k20 build and its going in to a 99 ek coupe all black. I want a very nice weekend car that is a sleeper! I was going to go turbo but like i said i really want it low key, so i wanted a goal of 400 whp n/a. i know 300+ is a walk in the park for a k series. but i would...
  2. Forced Induction and Nitrous K series discussion
    I was looking at the revhard kit and after spending some time on ive come to realize that its not such a good idea. From this site i seen that the peakboost kit it most like the best bet for my money, but unlike the rev hard kit it does not come with injector and kpro and what not. so i...
1-2 of 2 Results