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  1. Engine Building
    Hey guys(and girls), does anyone know if the k20a6(EU) is the same as the k20a3(US), and if so is it possible to get actual VTEC for performance? I'm going for a turbo build to put on a custom built chassis built by me. There's a lot of good cheap k20a6 engines near where I live and I think if...
  2. All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    I’m from Canada, Ontario and over here we don’t have e85 as a normal gas pump so my best gas is 94Oct. But I wanted to know how would I be able to reach the 300hp club or around it with pump gas I know what to do up top with my head 4P PRO TSX CNC head with DC 4.5’s Super tech valvetrain But I’m...
  3. All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    Hi K20a folks. Some of you might remember me, Riku from Finland, driving with K20 powered Toyota MR2 in Finnish Rallycross serie. You might have seen my build thread: Thread is missing some of the images which can be found in website gallery...
  4. Introduction Forum
    New to the K20a and gear heading in general. I have an Ariel Atom 300. K20a with a Jackson Supercharger.
  5. All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    The setup k24a block 89mm sleeves INLINEPRO IPS 8620 K2 mark2 cams IPS JE 12.5:1 compression pistons IB SPEC RODS k24a I beam SSR HEADER FOR K20a2 motors 4-2-1 STOCK RBC with karcepts ADAPTER STOCK THROTTLE BODY Karcepts Intake STOCK 99mm crank STOCK 2006 Civic Si head SUPERTECH spings...
1-5 of 5 Results