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  1. Wheel question for you auto-x/circuit racers.....Ek related

    Road Racing
    I need some help, so im currently building my ek hatch for the street/track(slow but ongoing) and I came across a wicked deal on some rims and im just curious on something. Setup will be 15x8 with a 225/45 tire, iv seen that for you not to have issues it has to be in the 30+ to 36+ offset...
  2. WA Sea/Tac: 15x8 +25/ 4x100 Enkei J Speed (new) w/ RE11's

    Parts for sale
    Up for local sale only: Sea/Tac Washington. No trades please. Brand new set of 15x8 +25's w/ Bridgestone Potenza RE-11's (best freakin tires I've owned), were mounted, balanced and test fitted over new larger brakes. The fit is too close so I've gotta get these gone. The two fronts are no...