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  1. N/A build for daily use

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    Damn.. people are still using DC headers.. so many better flowing options out there..
  2. Help with driveshaft/CV joint issue - K20 in Ariel Atom

    K-Series Transmission
    I have sent him a PM and he has 24hrs to teply. On your topic, anything 32mm is weak. OEM Honda axles with age will be stronger than anything reman or aftermarket. The splines that matter are the insides that go into the transmission and the halfshaft. You can contact DSS or insaneshafts and...
  3. Post your k-series drag car

    Drag Racing
    Most up to date of my drag CSS K20 EG PTE7285 8.88 @ 169 1100hp @ 40psi More pics IG @chameleontuning
  4. Skunk 2 ultra race manifold for k20a2

    Parts Wanted
    got that. PM'd
  5. FS: Hasport EGK1, Harness, Shifter Box, Turbos, Skunk2 TBetc

    Parts for sale
    cleaning up the shop sale.. Refreshed PTE 5858 T3 .82 AR Jounal turbo $850 shipped obo Very Low mileage Borg SX400 67mm T4 1.10 Divided Cermaic coated HOT side $1150 shipped type s shifter box and karcepts shifter mount kit - SOLD Brand new Hasport ek 99-00 conversion Harness - SOLD...
  6. Lowering the Compression on a K20 Motor for a Turbo & general question on engine mods

    Engine Building
    Re: Lowering the Compression on a K20 Motor for a Turbo & general question on engine whats the address to that cave you popped out of? :) jk jk well... there are many turbos out there.. so are more reliable and some make better power.. either way almost any turbo you decide to go with will...
  7. K Series Alternator

    Parts for sale
    needs 2 fuel rail spacers on the bottom 2 bolts and fits perfect on a type s water pump. this was designed for the k24 water pumps that have a leaner slimmer curve.
  8. Looking for k20a2 clutch

    Parts Wanted
    I got a competition clutch stage 4 brand new in the box, PM me.
  9. Engine Build: k24a4 Block + K20a2 Head

    Engine Building
    very costly but most machine shops can do it. not worth doing if you have aftermarket pistons. i wouldnt really bother with this. replaced same color oem bearings. kept the oem order from this build. all other builds there are tools to measure crank and rods and determine proper bearing clearance.
  10. this cam command issue is out of hand! help!

    ECU and Tuning
    Never ever had this issue, try someone else's kpro to rule that out and then worse case another gear.. BUT being its so fast and jittery i would say its a sensor pickup issue rather than mechanical!
  11. FS: Brian Crower "Proyonto Series" Stage 5 8620 Vtec Killer Cams

    Parts for sale
    can be seen here on ebay.
  12. S90 Throttle bodies / Super90? Reviews/Feedback?

    General K-series related talk
    have an S90 on my evo and love it. top notch quality and looks great! dont even hesitate to get one!
  13. WTB: Competition clutch TWIN Pressure hat & Flywheel

    Parts Wanted
    looking for a K20 competition clutch twin disk flywheel & pressure hat only but will consider a complete assembly used in good condition. PM me.
  14. SVM K series specs for 2014

    dont see "chameleon spec big effin turbo" cams listed on there?? :scared:
  15. Any idea which LSD this might be???

    General K-series related talk
    awesome! and thanks for the update!
  16. Any idea which LSD this might be???

    General K-series related talk
    how about you actually post what you found out, so if anyone ever has the same scenario they can get an answer out of this thread.
  17. Stock sleeve 88mm ????

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    done it a ton of times! just dooooo it already!
  18. the k-unit 10.98 @118.33 1.50 sixty foot stock block stock trans

    Drag Racing
    Congrats bro!! Frankie pushes Kseries to the limits!!! :nod:
1-20 of 451 Results