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  1. K24 All Motor Parts..

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    Please post in the correct section, as well as following the rules below
  2. Want to make a FS ad but...

    Community Help
    OP, no need for the 100 post count but please be sure to follow the rules posted at the top of the section. Thanks
  3. Detroit, MI JDM K20A Swap CRX - Garage Clean Up

    Parts for sale
  4. Lots of K-Series Parts For Sale -PICS and INQUIRE

    Parts for sale
  5. FS: K20z3 Part out (Illinois)

    Parts for sale
  6. 4Piston 163 Head, Prayoonto long block & More. New.

    Parts for sale
  7. Water/Meth Injection, AEM Gauges/4-Way EGT Amplifier, MP3 Deck + more

    Parts for sale
    Re: Ground Control Coilover Sleeves and Eibach ERS Springs OP, threads have been merged. Only one thread is req'd for all your items. Please update your photos, as they are not visible.
  8. Rustbucket's K20Z3 CR-Z

    All other models (mr2, mini etc)
    If you are still willing to travel to PA, you can give Innovative Motorworks a try. Few guys in here, both N/A and FI, have used them. users timot_one and crazyjetsfan22 were tuned by IMW. I'm sure they'd have no issue giving you a review on their...
  9. EKK2 with Power Steering on EK?

    1992+ Civic EG / DC2 / EK K-Series Swap
    No modification is required. I had this p/s kit on my EK hatch with the same EKK2 mount kit I eventually sold the kit but here's my for sale thread showing pictures of the assembly installed and what parts were required
  10. Crx K swap Radiator, 05-06 Tranny LSD, 06-11 Si Tranny LSD

    Parts for sale
    lifetime supply of ackee and saltfish and a case of hennesy white for that trans sup? :kev:
  11. 92-95 Civic Kswap parts

    Parts for sale
  12. WTT:EG hatchback OSAKA JDM wing/First Molding wing

    Parts for sale
    Please update your photos. They're not hosting.
  13. Transmission Gear Ratio Table

    K-Series Transmission
    updated. thanks tyler.
  14. PRB KPRO Version1 US$690 incl paypal-Fees

    Parts for sale
  15. FS: V2 PRB Kpro, Full-Race Twinscroll Turbo kit, RBC, Innovative mounts, Mishi Rad

    Parts for sale
    OP, update your photo's. they are not posting.
1-15 of 15 Results