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  • egkswap ·
    Interested in collaborating on some projects sparkks? Been a big fan of your company for a long time. I have a sound manufacturing operation and looking to make some money. Email me? [email protected]
    cj09si ·
    Ok I will have to wait til I save the money for that then if I have to send as gift. I was going to use a credit card. I will get ahold of you when I get the money saved. Thanks!!
    mickyellis ·
    Hello Buddy,
    I need some pins for my engine harness connector (harness to ecu connector) . Its for an OEM OBD2B engine harness. Im doing a repair job on some of the wires such as the VTS (vtec solenoid signal wire). Do you sell such pins and can you ship to the UK?
    Many Thanks Mike
    wranglertj ·
    hey man bought a eg harness from you a while back... installed following your install guide to the T getting trouble codes for both o2 sensors... any trouble shooting advise would be great
    dm ·
    Hi, I am lead to believe that perhaps you are able to supply electrical connectors for the EU of a K20A Honda engine. I am putting such an engine into my Lotus Elise S1 and need the C101 and E connectors to make life a little easier.
    I am in Australia and they are small enough to post I suppose.

    Could you please advise of the cost of the connectors and freight.

    Regards.......David Mottram
    Dom type_R ·
    I have done that but still no fan, just to clarify, i wire up my fan to the origonal wires that the car used with the b18c engine????
    Dom type_R ·
    hi sparkks, i have one of your k swap harnesses, and i have installed it into my JDM DC2 Type R. got it all up and running but having a little issue with the fan switch,

    firstly i connected my fan upto the standard plug on the stock loom that goes through the firewall to the lights etc.. is this right ??, then grounded the yellow wire to the chassis to see if the fan would come on... i can here the relay working and the fuse is fine but still no fan. thats the only issue i had, it works perfectly and i'm really happy with it. my car is RHD if that makes any diff . thanks Dom
    kevinek9 ·
    yo sparkks i speaked to early today my car is a 1997 ek hatch am puting a k20z1 motor and ama use stock computer installing an immobilizer. for now send me your paypal or what ever step comes next i need the harness asap i live in miami how long will shipping take
    mario_pic ·
    hey there man whats up just wondering whats the conecter pin numbers for conecter C101 the big fat male pins that are flat and the little flat pins i need a bag of each i know where to order the conecters but dont know the proper number for both pins i also need pins to make a charge harness im trying to wire a k20 in to a diy off road buggy my email is [email protected] i got pics of the pins im talking about let me know asap thanks
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