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  • Kick to ze liver ·
    Hey Stefan, I can't PM you but it looks as though the package was delivered today and signed by TBARBU. Can you confirm please, thanks.
    Bossman ·
    hey man,quick question.

    What are your thoughts on anti-reversion chambers? I noticed your custom headers apparently don't have them yet I've seen them before on high end headers(most notably Hytech). Since they are now offered on all hytech headers and not an add-on are they worth the hype or do they really work?
    C-Rat ·
    For some reason I can't PM, anyways, 3" SS exhaust for EP3 shipped to 80104 quote please? Thanks :up:
    Bossman ·
    It usually works better to post your response on the person who Vm'd you's page,not your own.:D

    This price is for a custom header correct? One built to the engine's specs and not just made to fit the chassis/engine combo?
    Bossman ·
    Hey...just wondering what you'd charge for a 4-2-1 SS header for a K24 swapped FG2 on stock mounts? I'd want it coated aswell
    Darknight ·
    Hi! Was told you are the guy to talk to for A1 heads running A2 cams. We mainly race H series and have 3 shop cars that run low 11's. We also have a daily driver (shop car) civic eg with a K24A1 swap with a 5 speed (we did this to learn about the K conversion process etc).
    After reading your 265hp thread and other threads about running A2 cams in the A1 head, i was wondering if the A1 head can be used for a high HP motor with the locked rocker setup and a race cam made for a A2. Would that be something worth working on or is the only way to go would be to run a proper A2 VTEC head?

    Thanks! I am now a fan!!
    onefstek ·
    I don't have one in stock, but I can get one from the dealer and port it for you. Instead or you having to buy, ship to you and then ship to me. It will save you a little on the shipping part.

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