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  • chameleon ·
    you need to do a lot of searching and look at dyno graphs so you understand what power different setups make. CRV pistons are 9ish compression where TSX is 10.5. crv pistons and stock head ive made 225+ and with tsx 245+ using stock oem k24 rods your limited to 7600rpms. aftermarket rods you can rev to 8500+. so oem and built setups have different potential.
    chameleon ·
    accord pistons will hit the head, im pretty sure everyone knows this by now. TSX bottom with stock type s head and cams will produce aroun 245-250whp and 185wtq. once you start interchanging bottom ends and such and tuning they can make a ton of power. which will be more worth it than just a stock R swap. esp for the price difference. an R swap your really just paying for its rarity and to have a nice K swap with all the bells and whistles.
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