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  • SKdave ·
    hi my Name is Sk if you could please msg me back im wanting to talk to you about your 79 K swap I just picked up a 75 my self and was hoping you could be usefull to me on my build I live in VA and if have to I will come to FL to meet with you thank you
    eastcoast14 ·
    Hey I bought a 1974 honda civic and I would like to ask you a few questions. I live in alberta, canada, and not sure how to upload pics of my build on here so give me a message and we can talk.
    genonebuilder ·
    my name is caleb and i live in texas. i have been planning for a first gen build for about 3 years from now and wanted to do a b18a swap. i was just wondering what you could tell me about how your budget looked for your k swap. also who did your bay cutting? its excellent and would love to get a quote from them. thank you again from one gen one lover to another
    valek ·
    Hello roger,

    I'm trying to contact you on behalf of my friend here in the Netherlands who is seriously interested in buying your 1979 civic after seeing the car in HT. He built a B16 swapped 2nd gen back in the day and has been looking for something similar, built to the highest standards like yours is, and most of all, a finished car.

    My friend is a import performance shop owner and has enough client projects going on, like you do, so i understand from reading your topic here on K20a. And not much spare time as well, so he asked me to check if it was for sale and if so, make the initial contact with you.

    If you would be so kind to sent me an e-mail at [email protected] I'll have him contact you right away.

    Peter de Laat
    gonzo-crowbar ·
    katch24 hello my name is Gonzalo and I'm from Argentina, I'm starting with a project like yours with the 2nd generation 81 civic. I would like to do a front end like yours, I was looking at the pictures and there are parts that do not get to see well. the idea is to put a lid k24 k20 engine and 6th-box of civic SI, for the quarter-mile, I leave my mail to contact me, would help me a lot with photos of the front and the engine cradle which holds that I added it to your civic 79.

    I hope your answer

    [email protected]
    BiddlyWiddly ·
    Hey katch24,

    I'm the staff writer on Banzai, the UK's best-selling Japanese car tuning magazine, and your K20 1st gen build thread was sent to me by a mate who owns a mk1 Civic. It's a really interesting build and I reckon my editor would be up for featuring it once it's finished - would you be able to drop me a quick email to [email protected] so I can send you some more info?
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