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  • rays>egk ·
    Whats up Bart my name is Bruno , My buddy Scott does some ecu chipping told me you have a manifold an throttlebody forsale . Just wondering if i could get some pics ?
    signalpuke ·
    I have been good. Had a couple issues with the CRX while I was overseas that kinda killed my paint/body budget. Also dropping a new motor in the daily, so the rex has been on the back burner.
    All is well though, you and I both know that good things come to those that wait.
    I have some cool pics of our current customer build at the shop, I will shoot you a link when I get home.
    What is next up on your car?
    CRXBart ·
    Welded in the glass roof over the weekend. Should be painting it within the next 4 weeks, and have it on the road soon after. I am amped. How have u been?
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