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  • jeff8407 ·
    I saw a post from 2011 where you mentioned piston coating and that coating the top of the pistion can change the ignition timing. Can you explain your experience with this for me?

    Thanks, jeff

    PS--I am coming from the SBC world and have some experience with the small block 400, but the Honda K2.4 in my Ariel Atom is new to me. I am gathering experience as the engine is yet to be installed and I am trying to upgrade prior to installation.
    mario_pic ·
    hey man i was wondering u got the duel springs for sale for the tct i want to know how much u want just for the springs i got the tentioner apart and have been messing with idea if useing shims to shim the spring on the back of the cylinder to act as a stop and up the spring psi u think that will work or it to much what u think
    enpingation ·
    chunky I am in the process of claying my motor but would like to clay it at 30,31,32,33 deg how would I go about locking VTC at these degrees?
    Bossman ·
    hey Chunky..I'm having trouble finding the link to your site(I'm looking to do the Tensioner mod).can ya hook a brother up?
    lagachette ·
    Hi my name is pierre, I'M a friend of Mike. You sold to him a tensionner. I have had problem with a stock tensionner and skunk2 stage2 cams and pro serie springs. I have use Hybrid Racing but this tensionner fail. Now I need a tensionner that will do the job to run my street car for the rest of the year( 6 weeks) I can put a Toda but Mike sais to me that you find something wrong with it. I know that skunk2 will put a new tensionner on the marquet pretty soon. What do you think that I will do to have my car as fast as possible? Do you want to sold me your midified tensionner?

    k20buildinprogress ·
    hey, i was told that your running a a3 with a2 internals? i started a thread about it and autiger told me to talk to you. i was wondering if the crank fits right in or i need to modify anything. or if you have any tips or suggestions for me. any help would be great! thanks
    autiger ·
    I tried to PM you my address for the tct, but your inbox is full. Let me know when I can give you the correct address. thanks
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