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  • daltonlws ·
    Hi I noticed that you really knew what you were talking about when it comes to cars so id thought id ask, is it even worth it to frankenstein swap my auto trans 04 accord coupe? Or swap any auto car at all for that matter?
    That's ok just checkin. Would you consider $1300 shipped? I'm in KS. No offense intended if that's too low.
    v-takkk914 ·
    hey whats up my name is Anthony i was just wondering if you do street tunes also.please pm back im extremely interested thanks.
    andrewssiharath ·
    hi my name is andrew. I have a k24a8 enginge and looking for a similar build u did on the k24a4. Do i have to buy the head and all the other parts or do u? Do u include tuning? And how much would u charge? Can you send me an email at [email protected]
    98DC2 ·
    Jeff stated that "K20+84+H22A = what I think is the best combination for the street, bottom line." I am curious how you feel about this. I am trying to make 300Whp, with a wide, strong torque range for street racing. The engine will find a new home in my 98 DC2. Thoughts?
    15Secsohcvtec ·
    Yo manny its Jay..idk if chris hit u up but I need the tensioner today...please call me or him 917.741.5186. Need my car asap and its just sitting there.
    milesm ·
    "a2 has more compression and is more $$ but is worth 15-20 more hp"

    I guess I went blind for a sec, lol. nvm
    milesm ·
    Okay cool, thanks! This is with the type s head right? I read the nice write up on the k24a1 and 'a4, but didnt see one for the 'a2. Could you please tell me the difference, if there is any worth considering? Also, since I have you, would you happen to know about the ecu? I would assume I need a type S, and probably kpro?

    Thank you so much!
    Ill stop bothering you and get back to researching now;)

    milesm ·
    Head hurts, reading soo much info! It seems the best option for my base rsx is to get a k24a1 block and a k20a2 (type s) head. So, like the hottie marsvoltafan (great band), I am wondering how the 'numbers' and install would go with a k24a1? Ack! I am so confused. I thought that the k_ _ was the block and the a_ was the head for the k series?? Sigh, if I get k24a1 block it goes together with k20a2 head yes?? What would be the benefit of using a k24a4 block?
    marsvolta1fan ·
    So if its a k24a4 block with TSX pistons does it make it a TSX bottom block!? sorry im a virgin when it comes to the k24, also what if they used k24a1 pistons!? would you happen to know what #'s ill be doing!? also with that setup will it be better then a type-r!?
    weicowireman ·
    Well, I still have the normal & notorious 2nd & 3rd gear grind. I would assume it would be the synro's that do it. But then again I am not a tranny guy. I wouldn't hesitate to take it down if I had all the appropriate & necessary tools, not to mention I never personally replaced a clutch myself. If I were to take it down & drop it off to you so you can replace the clutch & check gears & syncros. How much would you charge for something like that?
    weicowireman ·
    I'm from Nassau County, LI - I have a 2007 Si coupe with a bad tranny. I am starting to hear a chattering during cold starts & clutch slippage in 2nd gear around 20mph. Thinking of doing a rebuild. I have a pretty good knowledge on cars but never had experiance rebuilding trannys. Doing some searches I came up with you. I could use some help...
    John1300 ·
    Yo would u able to do my climate convertion? How much? And what's ur location? I really want to do it please lmk asap
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