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  • mrcypress ·
    Hello Cafrog...I see you solve an issue about temp gauge for a k swap on an EK.
    I have the same problem on an EM2 swapped 2 weeks ago from a D17A8 to a K20A2 Stage 2.
    Have you some ideas or tests to do to solve this issue??
    Thank you

    masonk ·
    HELP - new to this site. please direct me to the right place or maybe you can help me. 2004 K20 Swap in my EK Hatch. 02-04 engine harness and running a V1 AEM. Followed a few wiring diagrams but car not starting - Coils not firing. Plug up laptop and I notice I'm getting an engine speed and injector pulse reading. Engine Load in RED and NO TPS reading. I have power and ground going to the coils but no signal when try to start. Tested AEM in another car and it works. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you
    ekr16 ·
    Checked ur thread out! NIIICE build!!! I've been going through it with mines! It's like one never finishes dumping money into it lol!!I deff appreciate the help.. I'm gonna be putting up a build thread myself just getting all the pics together(keep u posted)I used to be so pro b series! But after building a fully built itr n having it drop a valve 2 months after re doing the head deff played a part in me entering the k world! Now I'm building my k24a2 ground up hopefully it all goes well ... Like I was saying earlier all I needed were those sensors to finish...then off to the tuner lol!!u said that u needed a muffler? Because I have a complete cat back greddy I might be wanting to get rid of lmk if ur interested....once I go to storage I'll send pics....
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