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  • tanksrsx ·
    Hey I was reading the thread about your k20a3 to k20a2. From what I could understand all you did was use k20a2 cams cam gears, kpro, and a3 valve exhaust retainers for the intake side. Was there anything else that you had to do to make this work?

    I'm considering doing this to my rsx. Is there anything eles that is should know about before pulling the trigger on this project? Just would like to know since you've done this. Were there any dral backs for doing the swap? Your insight would be much appreciated.
    tha327shop ·
    hey was up ive been following you vtec killer thread..and i was wondering if you coould tell me exactly what parts i need to buy to do the vtec killer setup..
    what my car has at the moment a3 with skunk 2 stage 2 camshafts..headers intake exhaust...i really appreciate because im lookin for more power..
    SavageK20Beast ·
    Wassup bro I got a k20 a3 in my eg hatch and Wana know what u had to do to get those cans to fit in there .. I hela Wana do it to my swap
    DC5A ·
    hey new to the site, have an 03 rsx base. and intend on doing the vtec killa swap...soo many threads, im between k20a and club rsx quite a bit. could you help me with somethings, if i use the exhasut rockers from the A3, i do not have to swtich pins from the left and middle rocker arms correct? that is only true if using the A2 rocker swap? thx a million and your vtec killa swap is dope.
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