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  • ek9_swap_k20a2 ·
    Beware all buyers, I just file a dispute on this guy through paypal due to still haven't receive the throttle body I purchase from him over a week ago. Until I get my tb or my money back, BEWARE of purchasing from him!
    eg_21 ·
    Did you send the hardware kit or what man? I really need it so let me know ASAP or give me my money back.
    Ericek ·
    People beware of this guy!!I bought an RRC Intake manifold from him January 16,2014 to this paypal [email protected] Ive tried to stay in touch with him, but his excuses are that hes going through divorce, having to move out, handle seeing his kids, phone is broken now. I was nice enough to buy this manifold from him beause he needed money to pay his electricity bill because it was getting "cut" off that day. Its 1/29/2014 and i still have not recieved a single thing. He said he sent it out but the manifold showed up to his door step. Resent him my address but he still cant manage to send me a tracking number after a possible of 10-15 times all along asking him for one. He says hes sponsored by KTUNED, autofair, and others so hes not trying to do funny business or anything like that. Quite frankly All his excuses seem like he is plus another member on here bought a TB from him who hasnt recieved it as well and will file a dispute too. BEWARE of this guy.
    Ericek ·
    I bought an RRC manifold from you two weeks ago. MSGED you about it 1/17/14 and your recent activity is 1/20/14. I dont know if youre trying to scam me. Ive called/msged you multiple times. I give you a day to respond back to me.
    Ransom ·
    Buyer BEWARE, I've been scammed out of my money via the throttle body bulk buy that he is claiming to be running. Acurazor took my $$ and has stopped/blocked communication since.
    jdmdomo ·
    Rbc .
    Yeah, Im looking and I need one .
    Just its to slow,at my work . ( no hrs. )
    I don't know how much I wana get,on my check this week
    But I let you know.
    Whats the lowest price ..shipped at Texas . ?
    And fits perfect my k20a2.. Rigth?
    bodyman ·
    your inbox is still full Ric

    CRV headgasket $56.80
    Exhaust mani gasket $10
    VC gasketkit $33.12
    Timing chain tensioner PRB $53.36
    thermostat RSX $33.36

    shipping and pp $15
    call it $200 even shipped for everything
    paypal is [email protected]
    please add your order and screen name in the comment box thanks

    lmk what rods and pistons your using for a quote on those other pieces
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