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  1. Open Loop Ignition Timing

    ECU and Tuning
    By tensioner I meant serp belt tensioner. It was outside the window. Belt was a little too long. At idle I could blip the throttle and I could hear serp belt tensioner rattle as it was completely maxed out. I changed belt to one size smaller & arrow is in middle of tensioner window. No more...
  2. Open Loop Ignition Timing

    ECU and Tuning
    Header is PLM 4-2-1 No cat, stainless 2.5" with vibrant bottle resonator and 2.5" hytech twin loop Vtc goes from 40 at 6000 down to 28 or so at 7500 (smooth linear decrease in map & log) Stock exhaust cam gear and 50vtc rbc intake vtc gear PRB cylinder head with minor bowl short turn work...
  3. Open Loop Ignition Timing

    ECU and Tuning
    Hey Slip_Angle, I realize this is an old post but hope you see this. Do you have any updates? I have a near identical setup 06 tsx cams, (Endyn) RBB IM, k24 with 2.5" exhaust, on Sunoco 93. This motor also seems to like 21-22 wot from 4-7500. Knock picked up 6000-6400 and 7100-7400 with 23-24...
  4. Help me diagnose my hotstart issue

    1992+ Civic EG / DC2 / EK K-Series Swap
    Back from the dead - I am still having a similar hot start & no crank issue. I've tried replacing the starter, main relay, starter relay. Any other tips
  5. new style k24 timing chain improvements

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    I know Toda chains are stamped "DID" which is Daido. The R40 chain is made by the same company. Old PPA chain is made by Borg Warner. I'm pretty sure the toda has beefier pins in the link. I'll measure them & compare to k24a2 soon. For some reason I thought the newer R40 chain was a...
  6. DIC CAMS good gains

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    Can you please clarify? Before graph is 100% stock and after is intake, exh, header, tune, cams? How can you say dic good gains? Don't get me wrong I'd really like to see a back to back cam test
  7. Brand new 02-04 RSX-S engine harness

    Autofair Honda
    No more special pricing on these anymore, huh? :(
  8. k series im manifold billet flange?

    Drag Racing
    Back from the dead. Looking to see who might have one - hopefully with the correct inlet angle
  9. K24Z3 Block K20Z4 Head

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    No they don't K24z3 is 09+ 2.4 bottom end design - oil passages don't line up with older heads (RSP) from a k20z4
  10. FS: Ferrea f1546p valves / 4-EGT Datalogger / Mugen / CNC aero guides / Spoon Cams

    Parts for sale
    FS: 4-EGT Datalogger / CNC aero guides $550 shipped NEW Redline Gauges 4 channel Exhaust Gas Temperature Datalogger. Includes 4x stinger egt probes w/leads, warning light, software, serial cable & Instructions. Also comes with 8 stainless steel compression fittings/bungs. Perfect for custom...
  11. Torque plate for rent?

    Road Racing
    How much to rent? I had my block machined, with a tq plate, at a shop rather far away. I just tried measuring it today (with no plate & no girdle) and found cylinders out of round (uniformly) by 4 tenths. I checked helms & it appears that is within spec of new/standard But I'm on the outer...
  12. New Noise Coming From My EP3

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    Try removing the serpentine belt and the turn each accessory pulley by hand. Could be a bad bearing in one of the pulleys. My a/c clutch pulley went and sounded similar. Any other pulley can sound the same
  13. WTB: z1 cams - excellent condition

    Parts Wanted
    Re: WTB: z1 & 06+ TSX cams - excellent condition Pm'd I talked to you on clubrsx. Thanks anyways Still looking... After receiving a damaged set in the mail today Cams must be mint and just as important packaged very well
  14. K20 unknown cams HELP!

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    I think go-power had cams with silmilar part numbers How do the lobes look? Any pitting?