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Default Re: Lawrencebuilt 9s All Motor Pro Civic

Originally Posted by kr3w108 View Post
Great job! Nice trailer too lol
Originally Posted by dfw-captiva-eg View Post
You beat me to it..
I was just gonna add that comment lol lol
Super light and handy trailer. Would love an enclosed but the MPG while towing would drop, haha.

Originally Posted by american.graffiti View Post
I saw that on FB. Congrats on the victory.
Originally Posted by flesh199 View Post
9.69 off the trailey its no joke man @redgsrguy
Originally Posted by markymark203 View Post
Tons of love in here!
Thanks guys! Will pass on the kind words to the guys. Great start to the season, looks like IFO Fontana may rain out so we can all sleep in this weekend!

Originally Posted by dfw-captiva-eg View Post
Is this 88x99 or strocker
Good fuc*ing numbers
Originally Posted by N2O View Post
does anybody have any info on the setup?
Originally Posted by crazyjetsfan22 View Post
Great times!

Would love to hear some more info on the set up.
What the weight of the car and what fuel you running?
Originally Posted by Leemoney View Post
That is a Nastyyyy setup, would love to hear more info on the setup
2050 w/driver running M5. Brought out the big 106 motor this year.
New Drag Cartel head package and block from ERL.
Some pics of the stuff on IG: @lawrencebuilt.
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