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Default Re: 06 TSX vs DC5R comparison pics inside!


GOOD NEWS & BAD NEWS regarding the K24Z3 intake cam thanks to my homie Jay (JDMRacer731) who works at Acura NYC....

Good news:
K24Z3 intake cam definitely has a better cam profile than 06-08. The primary and secondary (low speed) lobes are significantly bigger and are actually the same spec. The VTEC lobe is a tad larger too. Jay only had a set of 04 A2 cams to compare against; he's sending me the 09 intake cam to take some detailed pics against the 06-08 intake cam. Here's Acura spec sheet on 08 vs 09 cams:

The K24Z3 timing chain tensioner (TCT) is slightly different as well. Jay says its way lighter in weight. I wonder if its better (internally) than previous OEM K-series TCT's with all of that slipping stigma it has:

Bad news:
This sucked to find out toward the end of our comparison testing, but the K24Z3 intake cam is actually SHORTER in length when compared against the A2 cam! WACK CITY.
The other bad news is that when both cams are set at TDC the Z3's lobe offset isn't the same as the A2 cam, has a slight different offset.

Photos courtesy of Jay edited by mua:

Bummer this cam can't be used on previous generation K20/24's! Although, I'm sure something could be made to compensate for the shortness and correct the cam lobe offset (such as an adjustable cam sprocket)

I'm curious if running the complete K24Z3 head (with RBC I/M) on a previous generation K blocks would benefit any .... or if its even possible. Perhaps the head has slight differences too that make it incompatible with previous generation K's, even though the exhaust cam is 1 lobe per cylinder yet has big valves I wonder if there's potential power to be had...

[edit] never mind the curiosity on the Z3 head for power gains. Just searched around and found out about the funky exhaust ports and ex. manifold the Z3 uses...boo thumbs down..

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